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Second Time’s A Charm?

Hello blog world! My name is Kimberly, welcome! 🙂
Today has been a very productive day. I woke up at 5 a.m. and went to the World Gym for a (much needed) spin class. I say much needed because I splurged on food and cocktails over the weekend with friends and family. I enjoyed myself and had a great time with everyone, but my body is definitely feeling the aftershock today. I felt the urge to rid my body of all the toxins from the weekend with a good old fashioned sweat session! After the class I did some stretching and 45 minutes of free weights. I printed out an 8 week workout plan from the Women’s Health Magazine website. I really enjoy that site, it is addicting. Yes, I said it…I’m addicted to (DUN DUN DUN!!) KNOWLEDGE!!! I have not been following it to a T, but over the past 3 weeks I have used their routines 4 out of the 5-6 days I workout! They are easy to understand, not difficult, and best of all THEY WORK!! After doing their ab routine ONE DAY I could not laugh or sit up without feeling the awesome effects that routine had on my abs!

When I got home from the gym I felt like I was withering away I was so hungry! I decided to make some oatmeal and doctor it up with some yummy toppings a girlfriend of mine uses and loves!

The oatmeal included:
*1/2 cup Quaker Oats
*1 cup vanilla soy milk
*1 tablespoon ground flax seed
*1 tablespoon agave
*1 (ish) tablespoon of Bees Knees – deeeeellliissshhh!! this made the oatmeal
*1 small handful of raisins
and a glass of iced coffee with a tablespoon of agave and 1/4 cup of vanilla soy milk.

I was surprisingly impressed with both the oatmeal and the iced coffee treat! I usually love my coffee HOT. However, I was stressed for time and read on other blogs that this was yummy. I give it two thumbs up! 🙂

I have been reading health blogs over the past few months and I love all the blogger’s TIPS, RECIPES, AND WORKOUTS! What I love most about reading all the health blogs is the MOTIVATION AND INSPIRATION they give me to (at least attempt to) live a healthier lifestyle!

I am trying to pick up where I left off on this blog yesterday (A.D.D. ;)) so forgive me if this gets a little choppy. Here is a quick overview of yesterday’s agenda after breakfast:

> Took Twix (my kitty) to the vet to get declawed and spaed
> Naturally Yours grocery store for a few quick items
> Laundry- for (what felt like) an eternity
> Made Chicken Fajitas for dinner – and they were FAB!! If I do say so myself.
> Vegged

Productive yet, relaxing! 🙂

Read my “About Me” to learn more about the family, friends, and animal(s) in my life!

Hope your Monday was as enjoyable as mine!


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