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Friday Night Steak and 'Tatoes!

Hola! Time for a Friday night recap! Sorry for the choppy blogs. I have been busy lazy the past few days. Keeping up with blogging is a lot more time-consuming that I thought it’d be. I give props to the extreme bloggers who can keep up with….um, themselves?! 😛 Anywho, yesterday my fiance’, Jason, got home from his trip! Hooray! Jason is in the military as well. We are both crew chiefs (aircraft mechanics) on C-130 H3 model aircraft. He was on a deployment for a week in D.C.. Twix and I missed him lots while he was away. 🙂

I decided to leave work an hour early to go have lunch with Jason. If you know Jason and I, then you know where we went without me telling you. (Sadly, we can be that predictable sometimes). We went to CHILI’S!!! YUUUUUUUUUUMMM!!! We ordered bottomless chips and salsa and spinach/artichoke dip! One of my FAVES!! We also indulged on a few a bunch of cocktails throughout the day/night.

We came back to the homestead to veg and catch up.

For dinner we decided to go to the grocery store and get all the fixings for a down home steak and potato dinner!! We had home-made mashed potatoes smothered in butter and sour cream, steamed broccoli and yellow peppers, medium-rare strip steaks with sauteed onions, and more cocktails!! Jason is such a great cook. The food was DELICIOUS!

Sorry for the lack of pics. I need to work on that 😉


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  1. Yay bloggy! Had so much fun with you guys last night. So glad you ended up staying 😀
    LOL you and your Chili’s. That’s all right – I love it aboutchoo! Have a great week, sweetie!

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