Sunny State of Mind

Sunday Funday!

Hope everyone had a FAB Sunday! I sure did! My Sunday was filled with relaxation, yummy junk foods, movies, and good company. Jason and I spent the entire day together and it was wonderful! 🙂 We drove home from Bloomington in the morning. Then we doctored up some leftover Gumby’s Pizza and Pokey Sticks with extra cheese and toppings. It was so much better the 2nd time around, too! Mmm mmm mmmmmm!! Then we watched “Superbad”, drank a bloody mary, and lounged. We have wanted to see “AVATAR” SOOOOOO bad! We finally dragged our butts to the theater for an afternoon showing and OMG was it a kick ass movie!! It is definitely a MUST SEE!! We watched it in 3D and we were blown away! 3D and in the theater is the ONLY way to watch this film! Oh, Saturday we watched “Tucker Max- I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” and it was HILARIOUS!! Rent it!

It was so nice out yesterday (considering…) and we contemplated doing some stuff around town, buuuuuut opted to go home and continue vegging for the rest of the night. 😛 Ultimate laziness.
I was craving a burger for some reason. Probably because we had been on a junk food binge all day. Why stop now?! I know that is not “good thinking”, but every once in a while it is okay to indulge. Jason concurred and started up the grill! We had 99% fat-free turkey burgers with Swiss cheese and burger fixins’. For a side we had tater-tots. Jason had wanted to make home-made sushi so we decided to give that a try as well. We added imitation crab meat, cucumber, onion and chives cream cheese, and avocado. It turned out well. The flavor was great, but the texture was weird. The rice was soggy 😦 and warm. Every time we make home-made sushi we learn something, though, and we are improving on our Japanese skill.

The rest of the night was typical Sunday T.V., cocktails, and snuggling up with the Twixster. Jason accidentally rested his arm on Twix’s paw when she was playing and she has been a gimp on that paw since it happened yesterday morning. Poor girl. Jason feels bad. He was super cute to Twix when he saw her limping, too. He picked her up and offered to give her an ENTIRE CAN of tuna!! Haha. She is spoiled.

Gotta love Sunday Funday!! 🙂

What is a typical Sunday Funday for you?

A Sunday Funday for me usually consists of friends and/or family getting together. Eating good food and probably having a few cocktails. Also, watching sports, eating pizza and/or wings, and drinking a few beers. Mainly just having fun with fun people! 🙂


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