Sunny State of Mind

Sush and Euch

Howdy! This weekend has FLOWN by! Holy cow! Saturday was a great day with the boo-ski. I woke up at 7 a.m. and was ready for the gym scene! Jason…not so much. But, I talked him into it. We went to the gym from 8-10:30. I took Body Attack and Body Pump and then I was ready for anything a NAP. Jason and I put down quite a few cocktails Friday night when he got home and we were both feeling the aftermath before/during/after the gym. We were troopers, though. We put on our game faces and sucked it up at the World Gym. I had a few warm bites of my oatmeal sensation and an icee coffee prior to the sweat sesh and finished off the cold bowl of oats and another yummy icee coffee when we got home. Nom.

We lounged for about an hour and decided to go see Avatar only to discover once we got to the theater that we had looked at times for the wrong theater!! Oh no! So, we did not get to see the movie yesterday, bummer!

After getting ready for the night’s shenanigans, Jason and i drove to Bloomington to have dinner/cocktails and play EUCHRE/cocktails with Paige and Shane! 🙂 We had so much fun! We ate dinner at Hyashi – Japanese Grill/ Sushi Joint. Jason and I shared a Ninja Turtle and a Philly Sushi Roll and a mixed grill of Calamari and Steak with veggies and fried rice – Delish! Ugh, we got soooo FULL! Oh, we also indulged on a couple Asahi (Japanese Beer).

Girls Vs. Boys Euchre
Boys Won. Girls should have won. ‘Nuff said. Oh Wait! Paige made some BOMB DIGGITY two-handed O.J’s!!! Love them! 😀

4th meal = 2a.m. GUMBY’S!! XL Hawaiian Pizza and an XL Pokey Stick!! I love you, Gumby’s!

I always remember to take pics AFTERWARD.

NOTE TO SELF: CAMERA!!!!! That is all. 😛

Hope you are having a Phenomenal weekend as well!! Chow!


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