Sunny State of Mind

Sunshine and Mai' Tais!

What’s better than sun and 70 degree weather in the middle of winter??? NOTHING!! 🙂 Ahhh, I am loving it here in the sunshine state. I heard it snowed in IllinoiSSS yesterday – Bahahaha — suckers!!! I am going to make this as short and sweet as possible. It is time for a……RECAPPPP!!! **dun dun dun** 😛

Here is what I have been up to the past 2.5 days in Florida:

I am here for work, but have done VERY LITTLE. I’m not complainin’! Monday was a veg day. We flew over on one of our C-130’s and arrived in Florida at 11ish in the A.M.. We checked in to our hotel (which has 2 heated pools and a hot tub and the beach is the backyard- EEEKK!) So, once we got all settled in at the hotel we decided to go get our grub on. We got a few tips on restaurants from some co-workers that were recently here for work as well. One of the places that was suggested was McGuire’s Irish Pub.

The ENTIRE inside of the pub was SMOTHERED in dollar bills!! And there were a few signed bras strewn throughout the place – random. There were literally ZERO bare spots on the wall, even the ceiling fans had $$$ on them- DANG!

Here was lunch:

Spinach dip – Phenom!!!

Look at the size of that chip!! They were ENORMO!!!

Chicken breast with swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, green peppers, and onion and a side of asapargus. Meh, not impressed.

Next stop — BASKIN ROBINS! All of our sweet tooth’s must have been in sync because we were all CRAVING ice cream! NOM!

Of alllllll the flavors, I chose….. a single scoop of COOKIES N’ CREAM! 🙂 I had a hard time making a decision because they all looked so scrumptious, so I decided to stick to a tried and true flavor! I was happy with my executive decision.:) On the way home we stopped at a mini mart so I could grab a few items.

A few healthy treats and a big girl treat. My fave wine is Chardonnay. This wine was no Yellow Tail, but it was drinkable. I had one decent sized glass in a classy foam hotel cup that night and I woke up with a headache — not a good sign.

I hung in for the rest of the afternoon until dinner. Mainly just facebook browsing stalking and watching the boob tube. For dinner, we decided to try another suggested restaurant.

Old Bay Steamer was BOMB!!

King Crab legs and ginormo shrimpies!!

For desert:


I was stuffed to the gills and ready to be horizontal for the rest of the night. Good Monday.

On to Tuesday…
Had to work for the majority of the morning. (BBBBOOOOOOO!) After work we went to the O.G. (Olive Garden, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the lingo) for some bottomless SSB (soup, salad, breadsticks, DUH!)! It was DELISH, as usual. We came back to the hotel and took a walk on the beach.

As you can see, the sand is really white and it felt like baking flour when you walked in it. It is so soothing in “my backyard“. 🙂

After the refreshing walk, I decided to scope out the gym scene at the hotel. The gym was small but it had a treadmill so I was content. I ran 3 miles in 27:50!! Go ME!! I came back to my room to finish my workout (which was mostly legs and some abs) and slug some H20.
That workout made me all sweaty GLOW 😉

I worked hard now I want a REWARD, damn it!! 😛 MAI’ TAI! MAI’ TAI!!! CHA CHA CHACHAHCHA!!!

Oh, that hit the spot, FO SHO! Add some happy hour bar food and I was ready for….DINNER! Don’t judge me. 😉

For dinner, we went to Pandora’s Steakhouse. I had a petite filet minon, twice baked potato, and dinner salad with ranch dressing. The steak was cooked to perfection at a warm medium rare.

I am drooling just remembering how awesome it was last night.

No desert last night. Oh, wait! I did have another Mai’ Tai and brought it back to my room. Heh Heh. The rest of the night I vegged. Go figure. Hey, I am on vacay. I can be lazy if I wanna! I did try contacting a girl (loadmaster) that was stationed at the Peoria Air Guard with me for a few years and transferred here to Florida over a year ago. However, she secret facebook messaged me that she is over in Iraq and will not be home until June. Bummer. I’ll have to catch up with her via mail and a possible visit some other time.

Today has been an easy breezy day. Not too much to tell thus far. Went into work for a few hours and out to lunch at a pizza joint. I shared a veggie pizza and a combo deep-fried goody appetizer with my co-workers. It wasn’t the best food, but it eased my growling belly. The rest of my day consists of….NOTHING!:) Well, packing and dinner (possibly another Mai’ Tai). Otherwise, just kicking it! 🙂
Hope you enjoyed the (rather lengthy) recap. Chow!


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