Sunny State of Mind

Homeward Bound….I think.

Happy Superbowl Sunday!! Are you watching the game or are you like me and only paying attention to the commercials? πŸ™‚ Yeah, I do not follow football. I have tried to understand the sport a few times, but I just cannot get into it enough to pay attention for very long. My fiance’ and most of my guy friends love it. I do not mind watching football with him or friends as long as there is good food and booze present as well. Otherwise, count me out. Oh by the way, I am still in Florida. We were supposed to go home on Friday but Illinois got some bad weather and we were told that we weren’t coming home until tomorrow! So, we have just been kicking it and wasting time. I don’t mind though. I am glad that we are (hopefully) going to be home tomorrow because I have things I would like to get accomplished (at work and at home) and I miss my Boo and my cat. Living out of a suitcase is just not my thing. So I met some co-workers down at the hotel bar and it was bumpin’ with football fans (and commercial watchers!!) We ordered some grub and I came back to my room so I do not get sucked into the vortex that IS Superbowl Sunday. I need to pack and relax before we peace out tomorrow morning – EARLY! I have been slacking the past couple days on blogging, so let me catch you up on what’s been happenin’! πŸ™‚

Friday we made a trip to the Wal-Mart – yes, we were that BORED. We also went to Mexican restaurant in Destin and it was yummy! I ordered chips and salsa and a side of white cheese and a chicken fajita with all the fixins’.

I think the rest of Friday I just hungout around the hotel. All my days are beginning to run together! Bah, don’t you just hate when that happens?! This is why blogging everyday is ideal, because if you wait too long it is hard to decipher what you did on what days! Anyway, I made a friend while I was here! Her name is Danielle and she is a bartender at the hotel lounge. She took me out on the town and we had a blast! I had quite a few cocktails and made one too many drunk dials to the Booski – oops! Also, I devoured a few slices of pizza in the early hours of the A.M.. Danielle was a good wing(wo)man though. She kept me at her side and made sure I made it home safely. πŸ™‚ And HOLY HANGOVER yesterday!! Oh goodness! I felt AWFUL. Ugh. I literally laid in bed ALL day besides to get food. Food and I were not getting along yesterday either. Drinking that much was a BAD IDEA. I had been REALLY wanting to go out on the town while I was in Florida and boy did we tear it up. Mission accomplished. Besides laying around all day I went out to eat at MacAllister’s for lunch. I got cheesy broccoli soup, a club sandwich, and an iced tea. For dinner we went to a mom and pop Italian place and I got sketti and meatballs, a bruscetta appetizer (which was NOT good – blah), a TON of iced water, and a glass of chardonnay. I was hoping the chardonnay would help kick the hangover/headache/vom feeling. However, I could not even LOOK at the glass. I had a few small sips and decided that I just need to wait out this hangover and sleep it off. When we got back to the hotel I grabbed a snicker bar and coconut M&M’s (<– I know!! Who knew, right?!) and went back to my room to be horizontal for the rest of the night. Rough hangover.

I woke up today feeling SOOO much better. I did some work on the old blog (check out the About Me!) and then went to lunch. We walked to the Crab Trap on the Boardwalk. I ordered She-Crab soup (kinda like clam chowder, but with crab!) and salad. Plus, lots more H20 and a few dips in to the crab dip that my co-worker ordered. NOM. We did a little shopping on the strip and walked back to the hotel. I NEEDED to go to the gym. My body was still fighting off that nasty hangover and I knew just what to do -RUN! I surprised myself with a PR today of 5 miles in 45:34. I have been keeping up with my workouts, however, I wonder if the treadmill is right? Hm… Do you ever think on some treadmills you are "faster/slower" or your calorie count seems higher/lower? Times like these make me want to run outside with a Garmin watch so I know FOR SURE what I am getting myself into. My girl Paige has one and she LOVES it. I have not been practicing running outside which is something else I need to start doing. Spring is right around the corner (HOORAY!) which means 5K and 10K are sneaking up as well. Okay, moving on to dinner. I went down to the hotel bar intending to eat FREE bar food during Superbowl Half-time (can’t beat FREE FOOD!), but I was SOOO hungry I had to eat NOW! I ordered a cheeseburger and fries with all the fixins’.

I only ate a few fries and half of the burger NOT because I planned to, but because I was full! I am used to eating small meals/snacks about 5-7X per day and this week I have only been eating at lunch and dinner and an occasional breakfast. Which is definitely not the best plan to follow, but it is what has been working into my schedule while I am here. I think it has definitely impacted how much I eat at meals and what I choose to eat. I am on “vacay” so I intend to splurge and I am not about to beat myself up about my choices. Also, I know when I get home it’s time to kick the burgers and desert every night to the curb.

Well, it is time to start packing! πŸ™‚ It has been a fun relaxing trip here in Florida, but I am ready to go home. Here are a few things I plan to read on the flight back. I have already been reading them a little bit here and there, but whatev. Hope you had a great Superbowl. I guess… Go Saints.


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