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Tid Bits!

Hello, lovelies! Did last week fly by, or what!? Holy Toledo!

Wednesday night Jason and I decided to go out for a mini-celebration. I got promoted a few weeks ago to Staff Sergeant and Jason got promoted a little while ago to Technical Sergeant (he “out-ranks” me for those of you who aren’t familiar)!! YAY! 🙂 We both got our paperwork in at the same time. This particular piece of paper allows us to wear our “extra” stripe! You know I was struttin’ around work showin that puppy off! 😉

EEEKK! Scary morning picture! Focus on the 4th stripe, not the crazy ‘DO…

We went out for drinks at a local pub and played some friendly games of pool and darts. I actually beat Jason in 1 game of each! GO ME!! That is a HUGE deal because I NEVER win! So I had to rub it in a little and remind him when we got home. Victory was mine! 🙂

Other than the pub shindig, the week buzzed by with the usual antics (namely work). Friday rolled around and we had a “HARLEY HAMMER’S HALF-DAY”! Which basically means we get to leave work at lunch (because all the work is complete, of course) and head to Hammer’s (local pub/restaurant) and have pizza/wings and beer at noonish with co-workers. It was fun and the wings were phenom!

Tid Bits from the week in no particular order…

Tuesday morning I tried a slice of the Millet bread I nabbed the other day. I smothered it in Barney Butter and went to town! OMG so goooodd. I was a little skeptical to try this bread after the EPIC FAIL gluten-free tortilla shells. But, it was FAB 🙂

The bread itself has almost like a nutty flavor. I sprinkled some flaxmeal on top and sipped a side of O.J. before work. It was a good “pick me up”.

My afternoon workout was “Workout B” of my Bikini-Ready Workout (I am in phase 1 week 2 right now). It is a full body workout with 3 circuits of about 5-6 exercises each.

Tuesday night I made some ginormo salads and Jason cooked up some boneless skinless chicken breasts.

My salad was made with spinach. For fixin’s, I added tomato, yellow pepper, cucumber, mushrooms, shredded unseasoned chicken, and topped it all off with my fave honey mustard dressing! BOMB!

Breakfast has pretty much been steady with the yoush oatmeal creation and coffee. And lunch has either been a can of Healthy Choice Soup (I am loving the clam chowder and chicken and dumpling – low sodium) or a Dessert Protein Shake (Whipped Vanilla -NOM!) with a frozen banana, a heaping T of PB, a 1/3c of vanilla yogurt, T of flaxseed, and crushed ice.

Pre-workout meals have been a variety of Cliff Bars. Among the yummy flavors I tried last week were Macadamia Nut and Oatmeal Raisin Walnut! KEEPERS! 🙂

Post-workout snacks have been fruit creations or a few ham & pickle roll-ups.

Banana, halved, and topped with a mound of PB and a kiwi sprinkled with cinnamon. I also finished off the coconut water. I had to put it back in the fridge the day I bought it because I tried to drink it and I just could not get in to it. So, I downed it the following day thinking I would all of a sudden think it was yummy. Nope, still not digging the coconut water. Bummer.

Thursday night’s dinner was one of my faves. HONEY MUSTARD CHICKEN!

With a side of steamed veggie medley. Mmm Mmm Mmm!

The weekend consisted of friends, cocktails, and unhealthy treats. I think pizza steals the show just about every weekend! So Good!! Friday night I consumed some delicious DeLite Thin Crust Hawaiian Pizza, compliments of Papa Murphy’s and later that night Jason picked up a House Roll from Sushi Popo. Their house sushi roll is a dream come to true! 🙂 Saturday night we went to a friends house for GAME NIGHT. Jason beat me in BATTLESHIP by ONE ship!!! Dang it! Then we joined the group and played scrabble. We had a few drinks there and then ventured to Crusen’s for a chicken quesedilla, a few pitchers of beer, and a band. Good times had by all!

This week I plan to blog about planning, sports bras, gluten, and other RANDOM stuff! Hope you will join in on the discussions! I am hoping to inform and get informed.

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